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PJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines (Russian: ПАО "Аэрофло́т – Росси́йские авиали́нии", PAO Aeroflot—Rossiyskiye avialinii), commonly known as Aeroflot (English: or (listen)) (Russian: Аэрофлот, English translation: "air fleet", pronounced [ɐɛrɐˈfɫot]), is the flag carrier and largest airline of the Russian Federation. The airline was founded in 1923, making Aeroflot one of the oldest active airlines


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T says

"I was stuck at SVO for 3 days."

customer from japan says

"Never cares to give refund. No notice. No news. Nothing. Yet, keeps on advertising as the best airlines... How can we buy new tickets from you when you already took our money on cancelled flights?"

Alf rt says

"I have been waiting for a refund for my canceled flight for months! I am still fighting cause Aeroflot is trying to cheat me:
1st they told me I have to apply for a voucher, not a refund
2nd they told me I wasn't able to ask for a refund cause an agency had to do it
Now they tell me I have to apply for a refund in another country..
I discussed it with several consumer organizations and all that is fake - don't believe anything they tell you. You have the right to get a refund!! I know all their customers are in the same situation.

Pearl Barnes says

"Continue to argue for a refund. My flights were cancelled in April and was originally told to wait 3 months for a refund. Now they say I can't have a refund. They have taken my money and not given me a product which is a breach of contract and breach of my statutory rights. I am now seeking my money back through the courts because they have broken international law. I do not understand how they can think it is acceptable to take my money and not give me anything in return."

Marjan says

"As per "EC Regulation 261/2004" they have to issue full refund for cancelled flights .No refund after more than 7 months!!! - Everytime I called the customer service they said my refund is coming but now they're saying it's not and got an automatic email saying they give a voucher instead which should be used until december 2020!!!!! Horrible experience ! Avoid these at all costs."

Adam says

"They're refusing a refund for cancelled flights in breach of EC Regulation 261/2004 - they've said a refund is coming but now they're saying it's not. Can't get in touch, can't get a refund, their feedback forms don't work. I can't understand how they're allowed to operate as they've effectively stolen money. It takes seconds to process a sale, a refund should be just as quick. Avoid these at all costs."

Nele Hausmann says

"I've been calling them in March when the flights got cancelled and was redirected all the time. Then I had to wait for an email reply until June!!!! Which stated that I just won't get my money back (automated).
I have literally waited months and then i get an automated email?!?!
I've sent other emails and tried to call but nothing.
This was a flight from Germany to South Korea btw. It wasn't cheap and I'm a student it took me ages to save up."

Miguel says

"Even worse than expected when handling the COVID situation... we're all good during the good times, but forcing me to a voucher that I can only take by the end of the year (if someone doesn't read the news; that means before the vaccine is there and probably during the Winter rush; think twice before booking)

Enjoy that money: if you dodge this crisis (hopefully not), you won't see another penny from me"

Robert Sousa says

"They just ripoff money for cancelled flights. Their still not return anything already two months after refund request!!!"

Yulia Froletskaya says

"I'm really disapointing with the service. I bought the tickets in February for April. I called the companie's office in March and asked for the chargeback, because both of my flights were cancelled. The companie's representative told me that they will send me my money back within 45 days, after that I called them again in the first dates of April and they confirmed that the refund is in process. When the 45 days period of time passed, I called them again ant the representative told me that now they have a new rules and offered me a vaucher! I was informed in March and April that I will receive my funds back within 45 days! And after 45 days they offered me the vaucher! It's ubelieveble, I asked to talk to the manager, but the company's representative refused to trannsfer my call to his manager or even superviser and told me that he will put my refund request to a new que! I was very surprised, Aeroflot was one of the biggest company with a very good client's services, but that times passed away. The company's representative tald me that he can't provide me with any time frames, he told me that he will put me in a que and another representative contact me soon for additional information. Another month passed nobody contacted me, I tried to reach the company by the pnone several times, I was on hold 30 minutes and after that the company disconnected the line, unbelievable. Today I called them again, when the robot asks you about the call purpose, don't tell the about refund, or they will disconnect the call. The company representative told me again that my refund in the que and nobody knows when I receive my money back. I didn't receive the service I paid for and I ask the companyagain for the refund!
Iuliia z."

Ivan Boragin says

"Aeroflot has just charged me a second time for the same ticket. A week ago, I bought tickets for me and my wife and paid with my Visa card. One single transaction. PNR: JHMGHL

Tonight just 30 minutes ago, Aeroflot has charged me again for the same tickets! Two transactions for the same amount in total.

What kind of business practice is that?! Not only their planes take off before official departure and they close the gates prematurely without waiting for all the passengers. They even charge you multiple times for the same tickets!

I am considering never coming back to Russia again. Not dealing ever again with any Russian companies. They tend to cheat every time. Things can go wrong when there is nothing that seemingly can go wrong."

Ejnar Håkonsen says

"They damaged my baggage and refuse to reimburse it. The Bangkok airport documented that the bag was damaged on arrival, and Aeroflot acknowledged it - then they just stopped replying to all emails for over a year."

Unhappy Customer says

"Worst airline I've ever flown with to date.
Here are some of the issues we faced during a trip from London Heathrow to Tokyo's Narita airport, with a stop over in Moscow.

-When we arrived in Tokyo and were waiting at the carousel for our luggage we noticed a box with a list of names on going around - which included both mine and my partners names. After visiting the Aeroflot desk we were informed that our bags were still in Moscow and that we would have to wait til tomorrow to receive them. When I asked why they hadn't made it to Tokyo I was told, we didn't have time to put your bags on the flight... Wow.
Although, I will add that at least they had the decency to deliver the bag to our hotel the following evening - it could have been worse! However, we had to buy things to sustain ourselves til then which was highly irritating.

-We ordered asian vegetarian meals for all our flights but only received that meal once out of the 6 meals we were offered, and 3 of the meals were the exact same too. A bit of variety would have been nice!
Another thing I found irritating was that we were given boring items when it wasn't needed. For instance, everyone eating meat received a milky way with their meal while we got an orange.. this happened for pretty much every dessert. Meat eaters got cake and we got fruit. Being vegetarian doesn't meal I want to eat healthy - give me the chocolate and cake PLEASE. Very disappointing..

-On our final flight for our meal (dinner) we were told by the air crew that there wasn't a vegetarian meal booked for us. I had called to organise it after booking the flight and then again the day before our flight to confirm, and we had received veggie meals on the 3 other flights so that was a bit confusing. But we said no worries and went to sleep instead. I was awoken after everyone had eaten by a member of the air crew who told us there was in fact vegetarian meals for us and would we like them. At that point I was just upset about being woken up after accepting the fact that they had nothing for us.. but I regretfully said yes as the meal was so salty I couldn't actually eat it!

-During our return flight from Tokyo to Moscow an announcement stated that cigarette smoke had been detected in one of the bathrooms, followed by a threatening message to those doing so.
This understandably panicked us however we saw no real reaction from the air crew, they just seemed to carry on as usual and nothing further was mentioned.
Later on in the flight the same announcement happened again that someone had a cigarette in the toilets, which again was met with no reaction.
As we departed the plane I saw no security, no arrest of the person doing so - nothing.
Why bother telling us and worrying us about it if you are just going to allow the person to get away with it? Why are you seemingly okay with people smoking on an airplane?! If there is no reaction you are basically telling people that it doesn't matter if they smoke on the aircraft which is unbelievable.

-The shorter flight had more leg room than the long haul, which gave me horrific back pains for the first few days of our trip which was just a terrible start to the trip.

-On the longer flight my TV didn't work properly. When I plugged in my charger the video would, and it was losing charge by being plugged in. And with some films, the screen would constantly glitch.

-Passing through Moscow was a complete shambles, there was no queuing system so it was really a matter of having to tell people who were pushing in front of you to get behind you because no one in the airport cared what was going on. Honestly the worst airport I've had the displeasure of experiencing.
We also had to pass through security in Moscow too, where we witnessed staff throwing trays on the ground for us to put our things in, it was so disrespectful and shocking behaviour - I've never seen this in my life.

-Another annoying thing about this airline is the online check-in system.
When I checked in for my return flights, I was only provided with a boarding pass for the first flight and not the second and I was aware that you need a printed copy of the boarding pass when passing through Russia so this panicked me.
I contacted Aeroflot who told me that I would be provided with the boarding pass 24hrs before the time it would leave.. why?! It's a connecting flight so surely you should provide both the boarding passes at once to avoid confusion and panic. I ended up having to find a printer twice as I didn't realise until I went to print it that the pdf didn't actually contain both of the passes. Very annoying.

Just wanted to add to the collection of horror stories as I really hope someone reads it and thinks twice about booking with them for their own sake.
I just wish I'd looked into the reviews properly before booking my flights with them as it was a huge mistake doing so and I fully regret it. I now know why the flights were cheap, but saving a bit of money wasn't worth it in the slightest for the horrific we had with them - never again!"

Emilie says

"This airline does not even deserve the one star. My boyfriend and was travelling with Aeroflot from Moscow to Hanoi, and when we were supposed to board the flight we arrived at the gate 25 minutes before depature. They had only just begund boarding, and I went very quickly to the washroom, but then I came back - 19 minutes before the scheduled departure - the woman at the check-in counter wouldn't let us board the plane because boarding closes 20 minutes before depature SHARP. The plane was right there in front of us, with the last boarded passengers still walking towards the plane, but "there was nothing that she could do, because boarding had closed". Some other people came running 2 minutes later than us, since their connecting flight had been delayed, and they were not allowed on the plane either. I've never experienced such horrible costumers service in an airport before in my life! We had to by two new tickets and spend 24 hours in Moscow airport. When we finally arrived in Hanoi, our luggage was 4 days delayed.

NEVER again will I travel with this airline, and I would recommend you to stay away as well."

Tharumini Nilsindu says

"Never again. The worst airline ever I have been."

Ema Brelih says

"Arrogance of Aeroflot
I bought the ticket ljubljana- moskow- yakutsk at the agency in accordance with the conditions of buying plane tickets.
When doing the check-in in Ljubljana, I was told that the luggage will not be checked in until my final destination, Yakutsk. I asked 3 questions:
- The check-in does not cover my entire trip, until my final destination? NO
- Do I have enough time to transfer? OF COURSE, YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME.
So in Moscow i were too late, i didn't have enougt time, real time, to catch the plane.

Several times, employees on airport told me that I was too slow, that I missed the plane through my own fault, that there was enough time to transfer. Theoretically, this may well be the case, but in practice this is definitely not possible.

The owner of the my travel agency that acted as an intermediary in my buying the plane tickets, intervened in this situation and required explanations form the branch of Aeroflot. The answers they gave her were different, unclear and not precise, which point to a mistake or a fault in the system.

I also sent them an complain and they answered. . The answer is utterly inadequate, insensitive and humiliating. They say that I had enough time to change the airplane .. is not true! I ordered everything to catch on the plane. And instead of helping me, they discused and asked me why I missed it. There were also no clear instructions regarding the checking of the luggage. They say that the instructions are written on their website. Then why do they have airport staff? They must first read these instructions and forward them correctly to customers.
I think that I am entitled to a refund for the Moscow-Yakutsk flight ticket, which I did not use. It would also be in order to get the refunded amount for the purchase of new cards in full."

Sora C Kaye says

"I flew from IAD to TLV via SVO on April 15th, arriving on April 16th. 2 out of the 4 bags I checked didn't make it (along with many other bags from other passengers that were all making claims at the same time that I was. It took 8 days to finally get my bags (my trip was only 12 days long..). During those 8 days I sent emails, faxes and called the airline and lost baggage service (Q.A.S) multiple times and never received any responses. The only reply I got from them was due to a Facebook message I sent, which explained I need to contact the airline directly, not through their FB page. On April 24th I decided to go to the airport and look for my bags myself. They claimed my bags were not there, but I begged to check on my own and was finally allowed. Well, they were sitting right there in their storage room! It seems that when the bags finally made it on a flight, they had NEW tags put on- meaning the airline would have NEVER found my bags, since they were searching for my old tag number. When no one claimed the bags, instead of searching their system to look for my claim, they issued a new claim to the case even though my NAME was on the baggage tag!

Now, I flew back the same route arriving 4 DAYS AGO (TLV, SVO, IAD) and 3 of my 5 bags checked are missing! They claim it was due to a short stopover, but I had a 14 hour stopover! It is going to take 8 days for my bags to arrive as Aerolflot only has 1 flight a week that flies this route.

Awful, awful, awful."

Lills says

"Well, that just really sucked! Will make sure to always avoid them from now on."

Jesper says

"On a trip from Thailand to Copenhagen via Moscow the flight from Thailand was delayed 2½ hours and our connecting flight did not wait (it was a matter of just 40 minutes and it was an evening flight so it is hard to believe that the reason is another than simply bad planning). They claimed that the next morning flight was fully booked so we had to wait 24 hours - furthermore the flight to Copenhagen next day was delayed 2 hours due to technical problems. So a 15 hour journey turned into a 41 hour journey. And we only got a hotel room because we are a family with kids. Economical compensation? Forget about it. EU rules do not apply to non-EU airlines departing from a non-EU country. Aeroflot boasts being a modern airline when it suits them but the service level when it comes to flight transfer is genuinely Russian and somehow the Russian winter weather seems to surprise them every year. So think twice before you choose Aeroflot to save some money. They may be ok if you only go to Moscow on a direct flight but they are uncapable of handling flight transfers in a professional way."

Eugen Petrenko says

"Couple days ago I read a terrible story about transportation of the dog. The dog was flying as it should be in luggage compartment, and after landing all box where dog was sitting was covered inside by blood and dirt. Dog face was injured. Representatives of the airport said that it is not their problem, and it is need to contact to representatives of airlines. Representatives of airlines said to write a complaint, plus to it dog mistress write a statement to police. This situation is ugly, and not the first with this company."

J. Grant says

"Flew 25 Apr on the 13:20 from LHR to Moscow. Mostly empty plane, all the emergency seats were empty with the extra legroom but the hostess wouldn't let us sit there unless we paid an extra 100 Euros each. How mean! Can airline policy be fixed?"